Luxury Business Gift

With the current market integration, businesses have to spend a huge amount of money to attract investment as well as maintain relationships through business gift.

However, “cash” is not always the optimal solution to help you express your gratitude to customers, partners or employees who have been attached to the business.

Premium gifts are always the first choice

High-class gifts always bring a deep impression on the recipient. The gift can both help you express your sincerity and show respect for the relationships around us.

No matter what your gift giver does, where, how old is, we are ready to assist you in choosing a premium gift, “right taste” from premium silk material that matches current fashion trends.

Each person’s dress style is different, some people like modern beauty, some people like the classic, rustic. But in general, clothes can show one’s position in society, as well as the saying “Beauty is for silk, rice is good for manure”.

Because of that, Nhasilk silk always takes care in each product to bring high-class gifts to customers. We have a silk tie and a luxurious silk scarf, suitable for you to give to a variety of people equally impressive and unique.

A gift from natural silk material, is the crystallization of traditional silk weaving, the gift reflects the recipient’s position and position, and at the same time shows the sophistication and appreciation of the relationship of the giver for.

High-class silk gifts given to those you cherish, love, are gifts that are easy to “please” your beloved partners, customers or foreign guests in important events such as gratitude, Opening celebrations, birthdays or special holidays in the year … help the relationship between the two parties become more cohesive and sustainable.

Where to buy prestigious silk gifts?

Nhasilk is a high-class and prestigious gift brand in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM is the top suggestion for you to choose fashion accessories for those who cherish.

One of the reasons that Nhasilk silk scarves and ties receive high appreciation from customers is due to their natural drooping, soft silk, cool hands, iridescent beauty that is no less luxurious.

The reasons that you should choose to buy luxury gifts from Nhasilk silk:

  • With 100% silk Bao Loc material – silk capital of Vietnam.
  • It is a strong and environmentally friendly natural fiber.
  • Products are woven from the hands of experienced artisans that incorporate color fast digital printing technology.\
  • A team of young, creative designers always produces unique and different products.
  • Direct production process in Vietnam.
  • Received high praise for product quality as well as customer care regime.
  • Consult and design as required.
  • Reasonable price.

With the above impressive advantages, we are confident to be the luxury and classy gift provider you are looking for. Please refer to the silk tie designs, silk scarf below and contact for a dedicated consultant team.



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