Director of Vietnamese cultural center in Russia talked about Nhasilk

Ms. Daria Mishukova has more than 10 years of dedication to the development of cultural and tourism exchange relations between Vietnam and Russia.

In October 1997, when she was a third-year student, she went to Vietnam to practice Vietnamese communication, majoring in Vietnamese under the Vietnam-Russia Education Cooperation Program. And the connection with the S-shaped country starts here. She said that in the languages she trained, she especially liked the pronunciation of Vietnamese, didn’t know how to explain it, but she felt close when learning Vietnamese.

Ms. Daria Mishukova

Portrait of Daria Mishukova After efforts to promote Vietnamese cultural values, Ms. Daria was appointed Deputy Director of the Vietnam Cultural Center in Vladivostok (Russia). Living like a true Vietnamese and this place as her second home, she became even more active in discovering traditional ethnic culture.

In order to have the opportunity to become more acquainted with Vietnamese culture, she has done more than 40 research projects, deeply researched on Vietnamese history, culinary culture, folk games, art and literature, customs and traditions as well as Vietnamese craft villages.

At the Top 100 Business Style Event at the end of 2018, Ms. Daria was one of the foreign guests giving Nhasilk the deepest impression that evening. Coming to the display area from the guest seats, she said, “How did you create such unique and beautiful products? Very lively!”. In response to her excitement, we talked about the production process as well as the stories behind the pattern of each product.

Ms. Daria was one of the foreign guests giving Nhasilk

Ms. Daria Mishukova talked about Nhasilk

Holding the scarf with Dong Son drum pattern that we had given her, she shared: “I am really impressed by Vietnamese silk material, it makes me fascinated when touching and the images printed on the product is also very beautiful. I’ll have to thank you for showing to me that Vietnamese silk has done something wonderful like this. I am proud of you, proud of the Vietnamese spirit. “

I’ll have to thank you for showing to me that Vietnamese silk has done something wonderful like this

Listening to these words, we were very happy because the work we are doing not only helps preserve the beauty of the culture itself but also is an inspiration, a starting point for the love of foreign friends with the country and the people of Vietnam.

Daria Mishukova (Russian: Дарья Мишукова), born in 1979 is an Orientalist, a Vietnamese researcher, a Russian. In addition to research, Daria Mishukova works in the field of strategic development consultancy, business development, brand promotion, and marketing in Vietnam and Russia.

She is fluent in Vietnamese and has published the book “Vietnam – The Land of Dragons and Fairies ” in 2007 (reprinted in 2010) in both Russian and Vietnamese languages. The book received a lot of positive feedback from readers of the two countries. Many Russians decided to travel to Vietnam after reading her book. In 1 year working, she will work 9 months in Vietnam and 3 months in Russia.