Christmas 2019: “How much cold weather, getting that much discount”

The Christmas atmosphere is everywhere on the streets and corners. Buying presents to prepare for the cold days is an opportunity for you to show your love for family members and take care of yourself.
Nhasilk has read your mind, so we “silently” prepared for you a very special Christmas experience with the event “How much cold weather is, Getting that much discount”. The event starts from December 15, 2019 to December 31, 2019 across the country. You will have the opportunity to own the classy products available in the store with an amazing offer.

A special feature of the event is that the percentage discount will determined by the temperature at the time of purchase. For example, you buy at the time of 28°C, you will receive a 28% discount for the product you have selected.
For those who buy directly in the showroom, the temperature will be determined based on the heat touch panel placed there. In case you order through the website, simply send a screenshot of the phone containing the temperature information in your area to the Nhasilk fan page.
Note: The temperature must not exceed the annual average temperature of 30°C.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact hotline 0941.9999.44 for assistance.