Diplomatic gifts

When the integration process is still expanding, diplomatic relations between domestic and foreign businesses have been increasing. The gifts have become indispensable items. It is a miraculous weapon that enhances mutual affection or is also the glue that helps strengthen diplomatic relations.

The message hidden behind each diplomatic gift

Since ancient times, people have viewed gifts as a means of laying the foundation in exchanges between countries. In particular, in some cases, they are also considered the “great way” to achieve the initial set goals that other methods cannot. The gift should carry the recipient’s personal mark as well as the country’s culture of the giver.

There is one thing to note that “by giving is not important by giving”. With understanding and a little subtlety, giving gifts will bring joy from the smile and appreciation of the recipient. Therefore, the heart and attention that the giver gives to the partner is even more important than the value of the gift.

For Vietnam, the typical diplomatic gifts that cannot be ignored are silk products. Silk is woven from silk fibers, protein in nature, capable of regulating in accordance with the ambient temperature. It’s hot, it’s cool, it’s cold, it keeps you warm. This royal fabric will be a meaningful gift, fully conveying the good messages to the recipient.

Silk scarf made the recipient’s heart silk

At Nhasilk, each silk scarf is the crystallization of thousands of silk fibers originating from “Silk Capital of Vietnam” – Bao Loc and countless sweat of artisans. The surface is smooth, smooth, absorbent, and the delicate and diverse design is what Nhasilk silk scarf owns. In particular, hidden behind each design on the towel is a separate story.

For example: the silk scarf pattern with Cyclo pattern is the interference between the dark and light colors and the harmonious combination between Vietnamese culture and Western culture through the appearance of the Notre Dame Cathedral – the work bold French architecture in the city. HCM and the image of the first man wearing a Vietnamese conical hat but wearing a British shrimp-tail vest. The main color tone is orange yellow, creating elegance and a warm feeling for the user.

Or silk scarf with impressive Saigon motifs depicting everyday life in Saigon from a peaceful perspective. Every morning, wake up in the bright golden sunlight until the afternoon is cool again. Night falls, the city lights up, somewhere in the heart of Saigon, people relax comfortably after a hard working day. Peacefully enjoy the wonderful dishes at the familiar roadside shops, together looking at the peaceful streets.
What is more precious than choosing a beautiful silk scarf as a diplomatic gift. A gift that forever causes compassion in the heart of the recipient.

Silk tie tightens the feelings on both sides

Nhasilk silk tie is sewn on high quality silk material, taking care of each needle thread. With unique and impressive designs, which are always oriented to the sophistication and show the class of the gentlemen.
Nhasilk silk tie has been honored to be a diplomatic gift to French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. The French Prime Minister felt very happy and surprised to receive this gift. He did not hesitate to promote Nhasilk’s products on television.

Whether the recipient of the gift is a foreigner who just came to Vietnam or a close foreign friend, Nhasilk fully believes that Nhasilk’s products will bring interesting gifts to the recipient, helping them to better understand their children. Vietnamese people, Vietnamese culture, especially will understand you better and cherish your gift.

Below are some silk scarf and silk tie samples of Nhasilk that are regularly selected as diplomatic gifts. We invite you to consult.

Diplomatic gift