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Nhasilk Silk – A deep impression on foreigners

In the eyes of international friends, Vietnam is a country with a long history of thousands of years of culture and strong national cultural traditions.
It is undeniable that the beautiful country with so many monuments, massive landscapes, rich regional specialties, gentle hospitable people, make tourists fall in love, attachment, unable to do you forget.

Regardless of anyone, at any time, foreign travelers want to bring gifts that are considered “specialties” of the region, or souvenirs of the country of Van Hien thousands of years when returning home.

The beautiful thing called the ethnic cultural essence that we want to mention is Nhasilk silk – an impressive gift for foreign friends, customers or partners on special occasions.

Nhasilk is proud to bring “real silk, true value” to its high-class guests, lady Daria Mishukova – director of Vietnam cultural center in Russia, Australian Ambassador – Mr. Craig Chittick and French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe .

The luxury in each fabric makes people be surprised

It is not natural that silk is known as the “king of fabrics”. Since ancient times, silk is considered as “tribute silk” for the noble kings. This luxury garment product is honored, even adored by people.

Silk is a natural protein fiber with the properties of being thin, light, durable, soft and iridescent. Feeling “cool hands” when owning high-end products that other artificial fabrics cannot replace and have. The lustrous beauty, thin and light from the noble silk scarf, the smooth, standing shape from a luxurious silk tie.

On that high-quality silk fabric background, special patterns are depicted to increase the beauty of luxury but class. It is a delicate and seductive highlight for the user. That is the reason why Nhasilk silk is appreciated through the delicate eyes and “connoisseur” of the foreign guests.

Through many broken marriages, the silk-weaving craft of the Vietnamese people has also undergone many ups and downs. And now, Nhasilk is step by step transforming, gradually asserting the position of Vietnamese silk on the world “silk road”.

Nhasilk silk will be a gift to those who love traditional artistic quintessence, giving friends in the five continents the unique, luxurious and unforgettable meaning.

Hope that our suggestions will help you find a meaningful gift for foreigners, instead of a deep thank you.




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