Luxury Partner Gift

In the business of giving gifts to partners is very familiar. Because the gifts will help bring together businesses and understand each other better. This is one of the diplomatic methods that bring about many positive effects.

It is also for that reason that gifts from partners need to be carefully prepared and invested. As a reputable brand in the market, Nhasilk would like to send you impressive gift suggestions to help your business build a sustainable and long-term relationship in the future.

Silk gifts increase bonding

King of fabrics

Since ancient times, silk has been considered a noble fabric, is the “king of fabrics”. They are fabrics reserved only for the upper class, nobles in the old feudal society. Over thousands of years of history until now, the values ​​of silk have not changed. Because this is the most beautiful, luxurious, shiny fabric, “smooth face, cool hands”, “warm, cool” without any other fabric.

Good for health

Silk is woven from natural silk fibers. So they only contain proteins, not chemicals or artificial fibers. Thanks to that, silk is very friendly with human skin, including sensitive skin. Moreover, the fiber does not have any dust that affects the human respiratory tract. In particular, silk is also resistant to stains, mold, allergens, and has the ability to regulate temperature.

Luxurious but not too ostentatious

Silk is a luxurious and delicate fabric that contains the quintessence of national culture. They are classy but not too ostentatious, simple but do not lose the trendy look, bringing warmth and impression to the recipient. A silk scarf or a hand-delivered silk tie will surely satisfy all of your guests.

Nhasilk – Address to buy gifts for reputable partners in Ho Chi Minh City

Established in 2018, Nhasilk has been asserting its position in the domestic silk product market. Our products are trusted and used by domestic and foreign customers. Our silk scarf and silk tie possess many outstanding advantages such as:

About the material

Silk supply source of Nhasilk is imported from the “Silk Capital” of Vietnam – Bao Loc silk has always been highly appreciated in both domestic and international markets. Our products are made from Satin silk, also known as Satanh. As a premium 100% silk, applying the weaving technique to create the link between the horizontal and vertical silk threads. Thanks to this method, the upper surface of the fabric is shiny on the top and slightly rough on the bottom.

Nhasilk silk scarf has natural charm, lightness and airy, beautiful seams. When used, it feels extremely comfortable, cool and comfortable.
Nhasilk silk tie also feels smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear.


With a team of dynamic, creative and experienced designers, Nhasilk products always possess beautiful and fashionable textures, patterns, and colors. What’s more, our silk scarf and silk tie all adopt the modern digital printing technology. Color will be printed directly on silk with just one time, so that product quality is not affected and color is long lasting.

A silk gift that is luxurious but not too ostentatious will definitely help you make a beautiful impression on your partner. Thereby helping to link the relationship between the two parties and creating a premise for many long-term cooperation opportunities in the future. Visit Nhasilk to choose the best silk scarf and silk tie patterns as gifts for your partners.

“We are always pleased to serve our customers”.


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