Square scarf

Sai Gon Impression 2

+ Product code: K1SG2.
+ Size: 70×70 cm.
+ Material: 100% silk.
+ Origin: Vietnam.
+ Products are packaged in a luxurious gift box.

$ 1,500,000

Product story

The meaning of the square silk scarf pattern Sai Gon Impression 2

Saigon puts on the cultural beauty of many typical architectural works such as Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral, Landmark 81 skyscraper, etc. Visiting Saigon, you will find it noisy and chaotic but still simple and peaceful with the image of an old street vendor – where there are witty billboards and delicious flavors after a few decades. It’s really hard to forget.

Quý khách có nhu cầu đặt hàng, vui lòng để lại thông tin phản hồi qua form sau, đội ngũ tư vấn viên của nhasilk sẽ sớm liên hệ và tư vấn chi tiết cho quý khách nhé:

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