Square scarf

Dong Son Drum

+ Product code: K1TD1.
+ Size: 70×70 cm.
+ Material: 100% silk.
+ Origin: Vietnam.
+ Products are packaged in a luxurious gift box.

$ 1,500,000

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Product story

The meaning of Dong Son Drum pattern square scarf

The image of the Dong Son drum at the center of the scarf – the convergence of the sacred mountains and rivers and the essence of the nation throughout the history of the building and defending the country for more than four thousand years.

Therefore, the drum has become a sacred symbol of Vietnamese national culture. It not only showed the intelligence and creativity of the bronze casting worker during the Hung King period when creating a drum that was both technically sophisticated, balanced and harmonious in aesthetics. But also brought the beautiful cultural and spiritual characteristics of the life of our ancestors and society at that time.

Quý khách có nhu cầu đặt hàng, vui lòng để lại thông tin phản hồi qua form sau, đội ngũ tư vấn viên của nhasilk sẽ sớm liên hệ và tư vấn chi tiết cho quý khách nhé:

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