Long scarf

Mother’s smile

+ Product code: K2CC.
+ Size: 180×45 cm.
+ Material: 100% silk.
+ Origin: Vietnam.
+ Products are packaged in a luxurious gift box.

$ 87

Product story

During the survey, we noticed the idea to complete the product with the theme “Silk scarf for Mother”, special feedback with the content: “I do the survey. Can you spend this offer for me? I want to give it to my mother at my wedding.”. Maybe the words are not good, but with Nhasilk, her heart is beautiful to her mother. The day you are happy, you expect your mother to be happier.

The image of her mother wearing the scarf with a bright smile touched many people. So we decided to give the name “Mother’s Smile” for this product.

Regarding the meaning of the scarf pattern, inspired by the image of carp with the legend “Carp turns into a dragon” – a noble symbol for the spirit of not afraid of difficulties and hardships. In particular, carp is considered feng shui mascot creating a good fortune for the owner.

If you need to buy a large quantity, vplease complete the information. Within up to 4 working hours, Nhasilk will contact you to provide you with a very special policy.

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