Long scarf

Vietnam 1800s Pattern Long Scarf

+ Product code: K2KTH.
+ Size: 180×45 cm.
+ Material: 100% silk.
+ Origin: Vietnam.
+ Products are packaged in a luxurious gift box.

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Product story

The meaning of Vietnam 1800s pattern long scarf

Hue Citadel is a citadel in the ancient capital of Hue, the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years. This is considered a place to store the architecture and cultural characteristics of the Nguyen Dynasty. It was started construction by King Gia Long in 1805 and completed in 1832 under the reign of King Minh Mang.

It can be said that in the history of Vietnam in modern times, the construction of Hue citadel is probably the most important, monumental, and superlative architectural structure of the Nguyen Dynasty. In the heart of the dreamy Hue city, the majestic and ancient Hue city seems to be separated from the bustle and dynamism of daily modern life, bringing us back to the memories of a during the feudal times on Vietnam’s ancient capital of the 1800s.

Quý khách có nhu cầu đặt hàng, vui lòng để lại thông tin phản hồi qua form sau, đội ngũ tư vấn viên của nhasilk sẽ sớm liên hệ và tư vấn chi tiết cho quý khách nhé:

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