The leaf

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+ Size: 123×5.5 cm.
+ Material: 100% silk.
+ Origin: Vietnam.
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Product story

Happiness is a leaf
silently blooming in the winter night.
Sadness is a leaf
shedding in sap.
Missing is a leaf
trembling between silence.
Jealousy is a leaf
standing alone between branches.
Love is just five leaves
which makes a thunderstorm.

Borrow the lyrics of author Da Thao Phuong in a poem about five leaves to sing a song about the love of all people. In those leaves, you will not be able to find two the same leaves. Just like the emotions of love: happiness, sadness, missing, jealousy, etc. Love forever is still a strange and mysterious feeling. The storm of love is full of strength and intensity, only one who used to fall in love that understands love.

The leaf 1

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