Restoration of trade villages – Knights of Nhasilk brand building

Nhasilk – a newly launched silk brand, has caused a lot of doubts about the quality as well as the fear that there are counterfeit products with Vietnamese brands?

100% Vietnamese silk
As noted at an official store of Nhasilk in P.Coc Giang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City – where many high-quality silk scarf items are displayed. When asked about the origin and origin of the product, the staff here said that Nhasilk’s silk is traditionally woven by hand and supplied from Ma Chau trade village, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. At the same time, in order to confirm our words, Nhasilk staff showed us a series of sales invoices between Nhasilk and Ma Chau Company worth hundreds of millions of dong and test result card No. 37107-1 / Volunteers on 26.7.2018 at the Textile Sub-Institute in Ho Chi Minh City under the Vietnam Textile and Garment Group, qualitatively identify materials as 100% from silk.

At the store, Ms. Tran Thi Nga, a pretty connoisseur of silk, said that after reviewing and learning about Nhasilk silk, I felt relieved because it is 100% natural silk, pure design subtle, eye-catching. “I chose to buy Nhasilk silk and felt very good quality, cool, hygroscopic and good insulation, more importantly, this is a Vietnamese brand product,” said Nga.
Who is the real person behind the Nhasilk brand?
According to the registration documents, the Nhasilk trademark is owned by Nha Lam Silk Co., Ltd., which was licensed to operate from June 12, 2018, the legal representative of the company is Mr. Tran Huu Nhu Anh, who once known as a knight with the story of “rescuing” thousands of tons of watermelon in mid-2015, supporting the purchase of melon and giving back billions of dong to help farmers grow melon farmers out of nothing. Unexpected floods suddenly arrived.

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