Nhasilk silk scarf

There are only two seasons suitable for raising silkworms: the spring and the autumn. Silkworms have to undergo 4 times molting to release a silk cocoon.

A silkworm releases about 300.000 rounds of silk in four consecutive days to create a silk thread nearly 1 km long around itself called a silkworm cocoon.

The luxury and uniqueness of the Nhasilk silk scarf

Starting from importing silk fabrics from Bao Loc village – Silk Capital of Vietnam. A silk scarf measuring 180 × 45 cm requires more than 1,000 cocoons to weave. A silkworm cocoon when pulling silk can be nearly 1km long.

Thus, if you add up all the lengths of silk to weave a long silk scarf, it will be equivalent to the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue – 1000 km. It’s hard to believe, but it is a masterpiece that our silkworms go into people’s hearts.

At the design stage, Nhasilk is lucky to work with talented young artists and professional designers. Patterns are first hand drawn on mockup, then converted to computer negatives with the most realistic color gamut.

There are designs that take more than a month to undo the manuscript before it arrives at the printing shop.

The motifs on Nhasilk long silk scarf are unlimited creativity, challenge the artist himself to paint vivid pictures associated with the traditional beauty of Vietnamese people.

Each long silk scarf is a different hidden story, realistically reproduced by painter Nhasilk with his skillful pen.

At Nhasilk, when the finished silk fabric was available, the artist conducted direct inkjet printing on the silk scarf. The process of printing color on towels requires meticulousness and careful calculation.

If silk scarf was previously dyed and printed manually, it takes a long time and sometimes the color is not as expected. Nowadays, Nhasilk has successfully applied digital printing technology, saving time while ensuring high accuracy, fully conveying ideas from product designers.

To complete the finished process, silk towels will be sprayed with a stable surface with starch to help towels have a certain hardness. Then there is the delicate handcrafted stitching by experienced tailors, not letting the creases or chipping even a small error.

Therefore, we estimate that when producing 10 long silk scarves, only 1 to 2 products are qualified for display at the store.

Finally, the step of steaming and preserving the secret of Nhasilk. Each long silk scarf is steamed according to a standard process from the craftsmen’s experience, helping the scarf to retain its softness and shiny beauty over time.

They are folded neatly in the bag and stored in a well-ventilated place, protected from mold. That is the reason that shop staff always guide customers to use and care carefully when buying Nhasilk silk scarf.

Holding Nhasilk long silk scarf in your hand, you can feel a miracle work that the Vietnamese people have created. Only the quintessence of silk scarf can fully express the pure beauty, endurance and noble qualities of Vietnamese women.

“Nhasilk – A place to sell 100% natural silk scarf”

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