Beautiful Square scarf

Features Square Silk Scarf Nhasilk

To be classified in the list of “luxury” products, Nhasilk square silk scarf with specific elements that few products can match.


Nhasilk silk scarf is made from Satin silk, which is a fabric woven by the weaving technique, creating an interwoven between the fibers. As a result, the fabric is very strong, the top surface of Satin silk is smooth and glossy, and the bottom surface will have a rough matte feature.

Silk towels can’t be ignored in the summer, warm in winter. When holding a square silk scarf in your hand, it will feel thin, soft, smooth, absorb sweat very quickly.

With this high quality material, Satin silk is widely used in many different fields, most notably silk scarf, which is loved and chosen by the majority of users.


A square silk scarf measures 70 × 70cm, it takes more than 600 cocoons to weave a product. A silkworm cocoon when pulling silk can be nearly 1km long. And so, adding all the lengths of silk to weave a high quality square silk scarf would be equivalent to a distance of 600 km. That feat is thanks to the skillful hands of artisans.


Silk scarf pattern that creates a luxurious and noble beauty for girls is a trend that should not be missed no matter what style you pursue. Made from high quality Satin silk, square silk scarf is diverse in color and very durable, easy to print or embroider unique patterns on silk background according to your preferences and individuality.

With a young design team and creative style, the motifs on Nhasilk silk scarf bring modern features but still retain the impressive “classic” beauty. Not to mention the image of baroque, cyclo, bronze drums, kingship, … all associated with the ancient aristocratic’s attire. Therefore, it is not difficult to feel the attraction and nobility that this motif gives the wearer.

Square Silk Towel – High Fashion Style

Satin silk scarf is the most popular fashion scarf today. With unique designs, eye-catching patterns and versatile uses from a square silk scarf, this fashion accessory is indispensable for every girl. Wearing a silk scarf helps her become more glamorous, charming and attractive than ever. Square silk scarf is always in harmony with all fashion styles.

You can coordinate it with everyday outfits to change your taste as well as increase your personality. In office environments, the silk scarf is more and more sought by women because of its versatility, both making her luxurious, seductive, and creating a highlight for every look.

Nhasilk silk always updates new trends and impressive styles from the high-grade Satin square silk scarf.

Exquisite Gift For An Elegant Lady

Silk through thousands of years still carries bold national identity and traditions of the Vietnamese people. Satin silk scarf is a beautiful and meaningful fashion gift for relatives, friends, lovers instead of words to say.

With the “unique” design that you can rarely see in other silk brands, Nhasilk square silk scarves bring many values ​​and meanings to the owners. If you are wondering what to choose as a gift, silk scarf will be a suitable choice.

Not only for domestic gifts, square silk scarf is also a gift to friends in the five continents with the prosperous quintessence of Vietnam. Offering a foreign guest a silk scarf, you contribute to honor the traditional profession, introduce great cultural values ​​and hospitality to international friends.




Square scarf