Turban silk scarf

Turban is the name of a scarf originating from Sikhism in India. It is the 5th largest religion in the world with about 23 million followers and Turban scarves are the hallmark of these believers. Interestingly, this scarf is not for women, but is used by these men.

Sikhism prohibits men from cutting short hair, so the turban is used as a scarf to tighten their hair and Sikh boys consider it their pride and pride.

Through the flow of time, now turban scarves are no longer just for men, but also improved in many ways to suit women. In the 70s, the designers of Giorgio Armani and Prada subtly recognized the beauties hidden deep within the wild, somewhat liberal look of traditional turban scarves.

This line of towels is gradually fashioned and turned them into a useful accessory for women. Today, towels are also made from silk material. The turban silk scarf is both gentle and generous.

Turban silk scarf – accessories are well-sought

Turban silk scarf is a favorite accessory used to create the perfect outfit in many different fashion styles. Fashionista, movie actors, hotgirls use turban silk scarf with different styles such as hair tie, hair tie ⅓, turn turban into hair band, braid with turban, turban in neck, tie turban scarf to hand, beautify bag, break with sandals, …

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